What is the peak-season capacity?

Christiansø Gæstgiveri

Christiansø Gæstgiveri is the hotel part of Christiansø Gæstgiveri og Købmandshandel, which also hosts a restaurant, kiosk and grocery.

Christiansø Gæstgiveri has six charming rooms, all with private bath and toilet. The rooms are all on the first floor above the inn and restaurant, from which there is access to the terrace with a magnificent view.

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Ballonen – prison turned youth hostel

The former state prison Ballonen, situated on Frederiksø, was built in 1825 to house the political prisoner Dr Dampe, a dissident, philosopher and theologian who spoke out against the king and the absolute monarchy. 

Today, the five prison cells have been converted into accommodation with a communal kitchen and bath and toilet in the hall. The standard corresponds to an average youth hostel.

Christiansø Administration runs Ballonen and is responsible for reservations.

Reservations can be made between 10 am and noon on weekdays by calling +45 5646 2013.

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Christiansø Teltplads

Christiansø Campsite is located at Hertugindens Bastion on Christiansø. The campsite has been run since 2018 by the leaseholders Laura and Claus Juhl Zafnes. 

The campsite is extremely popular in the month of July. It is therefore a good idea to make reservations well in advance if you want to stay there during the summer season.

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Hestehytten – cottage for locals

To rent Hestehytten, please contact Christiansø Administration on tel. +45 5646 2013 between 10 am and noon, Monday to Friday.

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Lodgings and rooms

Christiansø Administration has a number of rooms, small flats and apartments available for rent by islanders and visitors when not in use by the administration.

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The harbour

Each year, around 2.000 people dock at Christiansø’s beautiful and historic central harbour – the beating heart of the island. The harbour can be accessed both from the north and the south in all weather conditions. There are almost always berths available.

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Christiansø is a hit!

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